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The leaves are turning in Bloomington-Normal, and with the need for holiday greeting cards just around the corner, now is a great time to snap those family photos.  Autumn is one of the few seasons that the Midwest does right, so it’s a great time—and a great backdrop—for pictures.

Miller Park

Miller Park has gone from majestic to scary to safe and scenic once again.  The park has always had character: stone bridge, a fine pavilion, mature trees and lots of lakefront views.  Now that the park is safe and restored again, plus lots of family-friendly additions, it provides a great landscape for seasonal photo moments.

Sugar Grove Nature Center at Funks Grove

Just southwest of Bloomington lies a fun, fall hideaway in the Sugar Grove Nature Center.  Funks Grove, known for it’s sweet sirup [sic], has trees galore and plenty of picturesque possibilities.  Area Twitterer @LadyJanet Twitter account notes the “amazing colors, trees, and prairie,” but reminds amateur photogs that the nature center is a non-profit, so “toss them a couple bucks.”

Constitution Trail

Perhaps the most convenient spot for shots is just down the road. Rather, it is the road. Constitution Trail crisscrosses through Bloomington-Normal and has its share of mature trees ready to burst with color.  Because the Trail is home to runners, bikers, and walkers galore, there is a bench every half mile, perfect for big and small families to pile onto for the Polaroid.

Honorable Mention

Several readers mentioned other locations, including Lake Bloomington, McGraw Park, Holiday Park and others.  What are your favorite spots for fall photos?